Losing and Winning

If you’ve been following my twitter over the last few months (or indeed saw my facebook last week), you’ll have been more than aware that I was counting down to something every Thursday night- and that I finally reached it not so long ago (5 weeks ahead of when I originally intended, which was also a pleasant surprise).

My body mass index (the standard measure of whether or not someone is underweight overweight; it is calculated by dividing your weight in kilos by your height in metres squared) was 32.9 (obese) last April, and it is now 24.9 (“ideal”). While it is not necessarily saying that my health is perfect, it’s certainly a big fillip. I certainly never imagined this would be possible last April when I started.

Before I go further, I should like to point out that while I am happy with the current state of affairs, I hope not to be seen as boasting; for if I tell you that I’d lost 50lbs in weight, that means that for a long time, I was 50lbs overweight, something that may yet come back to haunt me in later life. I knew in my mind that I’d not been taking care of myself (something God has challenged me on many a time*), but was too stubborn to do anything about it. Of course, I cannot change the past, but it’ll probably nag in my mind as to why I did not do this sooner. I guess sometimes you just need a push.

I don’t think it appropriate to tell you here the exact circumstances behind my change in mentality, but you’re free to ask me in person.

I hadn’t actually thought about losing weight when I started exercising, it was more just to fill time when I was unemployed, but I found it tough, but do-able. When I realised I started losing weight, I decided to make more of it- I went four times a week, going a wee bit faster on the treadmill each time (though I missed out the entire 7-8 kph range, since I couldn’t resolve that it was too fast to walk and too slow to run). I went as soon as I got up in the morning and didn’t dither about it- in my mind it just wasn’t something to be argued with (it’s hard to come up with an analogy for this, the only thing I can think of comes from Doctor Who, and will probably not make any sense, as it barely does even to me). When I started work, I was worried that it would cause me to lose my routine- I combatted this by going after the first day of work, and continued (though dropping to three times a week), and that’s how it has stayed since.

While I’m enjoying that I feel quite good and have more energy and I’m not having to buy clothes with an “X” in the size (though the fact I feel a lot colder and have no obvious rugby position are small sacrifices), if that’s my final goal, then it’s kind of meaningless. My hope now is that I’ll be able to serve God, the church, and my friends more ably and willingly than I’ve done before.

For now though, I’d like to say thanks to all for the encouragement I received along the way. It really means a lot to me, and I hope to be able to serve you better now too. And I promise I won’t be blogging or putting about it on facebook again!

*see Romans 12:1. If I were to offer my body as a living sacrifice to God, it would be much better to offer Him one that wasn’t neglected, weak, and malfunctioning. And I’d like to add that this was a personal conviction, and do not mean to say or imply that anyone else needs to do the same.

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