Back by Popular Demand

Remember when I used to maintain a blog? Alas, the rigours of full-time employment have meant that it’s fallen by the wayside, but by special request from the good folks at Morningside Baptist, I’ve decided to resurrect my second most popular blog post (the most popular was a detailed explanation of possible European permutations for Ross County when they got to the Cup final).

It was originally written in December 2008 (which might explain some of the more curious choices) with input from Harrison G and Andrew H, and was a light-hearted comparison of Edinburgh churches and teams from the Barclays Premier League. A couple of them make me cringe a bit that I would write such things, so apologies for any offence caused (apparently the Arsenal-loving MBC pastor was most upset I compared them to Chelsea), but it is all meant to be light-hearted! So here it is, for your delectation (and you’re welcome to make suggestions for a 2012 version too!):

Chelsea= MBC- Got big after a notable personality took control, a “special one” some might say

Arsenal= Carrubbers- Stylish play and consistently near, but not at, the top

Man Utd=Charlotte Chapel – big in the nineties but has new rivals these days

Liverpool= Ps & Gs- planted by now less-illustrious neighbours

Aston Villa= Holy Trinity Wester Hailes- big club on the fringes (not my idea)

Everton= St Thomas’s- Gave rise to a much bigger beast, but still big in its own area

Portsmouth= St Columba’s Free Church- punchy up-and-coming “progressive” outfit

Newcastle= CCE- who knows what on earth’s going on in there

Middlesbrough= St Catherine’s- Often disregarded outfit that can cause upsets

Man City= Destiny- Recently got its act together and could challenge soon

Hull City= Kings- Plucky newcomer with some interesting ideas

Blackburn= St Mungo’s- fleetingly large outfit that’s been pushed to the fringes

Nottingham Forest- Barclay- good facilities but rarely put to good use.

Please post with any other suggestions you may have.

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One Response to Back by Popular Demand

  1. anidea says:

    Bruntsfield Evangelical: Wigan, energetic manager, keeps them above the drop.

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