Summer No Football Challenge

I will be honest, I have become disillusioned with football recently in a “there’s nothing new under the sun” sort of way. The last straw was when I saw an article on the Guardian blog which was “which will be the long-running transfer saga of the summer?” (something the Guardian will go a long way to deciding).

Football, and talking about it is ingrained in our culture, and if nothing else, it gives us something to talk about if the weather hasn’t been too inclement recently. But I wonder what would happen if we took the opportunity when the season was down to broaden our horizons and seek out more useful information than who Gareth Bale’s been linked with this year.

So, I offer a challenge: avoid all football-related media between the Champions League final (26th May) and the start of the next football season (depending on your point of view, the 3rd August (SPL), 10th August (Football League), or 17th August (Premier League)).

This will include unsubscribing from certain Twitter and Facebook feeds, avoiding newspaper websites, Sky Sports News, and listening to non-sporty radio stations.

I realise this may involve missing early rounds of European competitions, the Confederations Cup, and much of the Norwegian season, but I reckon it’ll be worthwhile in terms of not getting fed up with transfer speculation and pre-season friendlies. There might even be a nice surprise when it comes to checking out your team’s line-up at the start of the season!

There is nothing to stop you playing football of course. Let me know if you’ll join me! 🙂

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