Thorny Issues

A brief thought:

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul the apostle speaks of a thorn in his flesh given to him by God, to stop him becoming conceited about the revelations God had given him. He explains that it was there to demonstrate that God’s grace was sufficient for Paul, and that his weakness emphasised God’s power. Paul could then boast about these weaknesses in light of the things he had done, since it said more about God than about him. 

I think it’s fair to say that everyone has their own thorn. Some may have multiple thorns, and some may have differing temporary ones. I know I have mine. 

Tonight, while on projector duties, the possibility of yet another evening spent fighting my drooping eyelids filled me with dread.

Then I looked up and saw one of the dads standing proudly with his two daughters (appropriate on this day!), and my heart was filled. Such a sight is comforting, because it reminds me that this is what church is. Family.

Not only do our thorns cause us to demonstrate God’s power, in a way, they almost force a reminder that there is no room under grace for “lone ranger” Christianity. We need our brothers and sisters, and we need to be there for them too, sharing their burdens and encouraging them along the road. This is a noble calling, for sure.

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