Andrew’s Sports Personality of the Year 2013

In lieu of a full review of the year I would like to give a shout out to thank those unsung heroes: the guys who organise the various football matches that take place every week for their sterling efforts in 2013.

imgresThese are the guys who do the leg work, organise lifts, bring bibs, look at holiday spreadsheets, send out e-mails and Facebook statuses, make sure they have change, and end up with a fat, heavy wallet after football is over so you can all get your football fix. All this while requiring the patience of a saint.

So, I’d like to applaud the following, even if I have not been to that many games this year:

  • Craig and Jona at St Catherine’s (with special mention to Craig’s entertaining e-mails)
  • David and Ross at work (with Ross’s innovative player rating system going down a treat)
  • Steve and Dave for Wednesday nights (especially for establishing that “liking” a comment is no guarantee of a lift)
  • And Jonny and Conor for King’s church football (which I am not sure I have been to this year, but hey)

Great job, guys!

Remember to fill in the doodle poll. I can’t give a lift. I’m not on holiday that week. 7 left.

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