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We are not amused

Another in the long line of bizarre, misleading picture/headline combinations: (Brought to my attention by The Media Blog’s twitter account, sadly the Scottish version did not carry the same amusing juxtaposition) Advertisements

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Running Man

On Sunday, I took part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival for the first time- I was part of one of three relay teams from work (shout out to Jonah, Dechlan, and David!). I was running the first leg of the … Continue reading

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Brief encouragement

It was great that today was fairly low-key (or at least, the evening was) in terms of there not being made a big deal about future events. After all that’s gone on, I am really excited about what’s ahead- let’s … Continue reading

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Moving swiftly on…

      Last week my Dad went for an interview for one of the central jobs in our denomination (I’d elaborate more but I’ll be honest, I don’t completely understand it) and I’m very proud to say he got … Continue reading

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Tempting Fate

What’s wrong with this picture (and please bear in mind that I posted this around 11AM on the day of the Cup Final!)? The eagle-eyed among you will note that the pic of the cup is wee bit rubbish and … Continue reading

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Protected: On your own?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Euro Files 2: What happens to my vote?

In my previous post, I detailed what the European Parliament’s place in the grand scheme of European legislature. This time around I’ll be talking about how your vote is counted. Each country is free to choose how to appoint its … Continue reading

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