Tower trouble

The below church is St Johnston Presbyterian Church, County Donegal:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was the church my dad was minister of when I was born, and I believe I was baptised there. I was thinking about it today, for whatever reason, and “remembered” the fact it was struck by lightning and the tower was severely damaged in December 1982 (so I didn’t actually remember it, I just remember seeing the photos).

The story goes that the lightning hit when Dad was changing my older brother’s nappy in the manse next door- strangely, said brother isn’t fond of this version of the story, but I quite like it.

In any case the building was closed for some time and wasn’t fully restored until 1990 by which time we had gone to Newtownards, too soon for me to gain anything like a fondness for it, but I’m glad it’s still there- even if it’s changed colour. I always thought of it as being a shade of pink, but maybe that was my imagination running wild.

The congregation had to be displaced during the period of re-building as it was unsafe to worship in, and was re-opened officially 15 months later while the minister’s wife was being given grief by a rather unruly bump. During the time of displacement, the congregation seemed to grow.

I’m really pleased it’s still there and going strong, and I’d love to go back and see it some day.

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