Robots in Disguise

(27 year-old spoilers below!)

The new Transformers Movies are fairly rubbish. While the special effects are pretty good (Oscar-winning, even), they have the feel that they’re the kind of thing I might have dreamed up when I was 15 (GIRLS! GUNS! GIANT ROBOTS HITTING EACH OTHER!). Except, I wouldn’t have made them three hours long and would have at least ensured the plot made sense.

Anyway, it reminded me that many moons ago, in the golden age of animation (I use this subjectively!) there was a much better Transformers film, in cartoon form. It wasn’t without its flaws. The fact that many of the characters we’d grown to love in the TV series got killed off in the first half hour and replaced with “futuristic” (read: year 2005) vehicles was a painful reminder that the cartoon was little more than an advert for the toys. That, and the fact Optimus Prime gets shot in the chest and is unable to be repaired while Ultra Magnus is completely blown up and is back by movie’s end. 

However, it does have an amazing soundtrack going for it, and Unicron (voiced by Orson Welles, who by all accounts didn’t know what he was actually voicing, in his last ever role) is pretty badass. 

If you’re going to watch only one Transformers film, especially if you enjoyed playing with them as much as I did, then make it this one.

Here’s the trailer:


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