Episodes: South Asia Smackdown

I try to avoid remembering instances of being hit/ punch/ kicked etc. but I don’t think I’ll ever forget one instance ( I am recounting this story as it came up just the other day and thought it was funny) when William Simpson called my name as we were waiting before Chemistry class. 

Here, Stothers!

He said, the use of the surname denoting that he hadn’t bothered humanising me enough to learn my first name.

What’s the capital of Bangladesh?

Not knowing where this is going, I naively answer

Uh… I think it’s Dhaka? 

I discovered that I could pretty much have said anything.

No… it’s somewhere else… Bangkok!

and he kneed me in the groin, causing me a great deal of pain.

I will never forget William Simpson, for Bangkok is actually the capital of Thailand.

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