I’m currently sitting in he departure lounge of Edinburgh airport where my flight to Belfast has been delayed. The two-hour expected delay has meant that I got a £5 voucher for food and I thoroughly enjoyed my ice cream and coffee.

Usually I see one or two people I know on a flight home, but I guess due to the mid-week, non-Christmas nature of my trip back, it is a bit unlikely. But I don’t mind, because it gives me time to think and people watch.

There’s a little boy asking his dad how planes fly and his dad tells him it’s to do with “the way air works” and that satisfies the boy until he sees the departure board mans asks where various places like Bristol, West Midlands and Gatwick are. “England” says dad, and the boy asks if Malaga is in England too, on which the dad gets his Nintendo DS out and suggests that Mario Kart might be fun.

A teenage brother and sister (or maybe cousins but they’re definitely related) are debating whether he should send a text to someone called Rachel. “Tell her you’ll miss her! She’ll think it’s sweet!” She says, but he’s reluctant “no way, she’ll think it’s weird…” He says, while blushing. I don’t see how this pans out as the queue for flight AF3152 to Cardiff (definitely not in England) is suddenly snaking past them.

EZY 812 to Gatwick is called, and priority holders are asked to board, with everyone else asked to remain seated. Everyone stands up and forms an orderly queue. You can tell who has been flying with Easyjet since the un-allocated seating days as they’re the ones who rush to the front while those not used to scrimmages of days past quietly wait.

There’s a guy blatantly trying to either get more than one free whisky taste from the duty free or get the phone number of the girl handing them out but he’s not getting success either way.

The flight to Belfast is boarding but it’s the international airport, which flight I had thought about booking, but the other one left sooner. I suspect I wasn’t the only one as the dad I saw earlier smiled ironically when his son asked why they can’t just get on that one instead.

More people walk past and it occurs to me that everyone here is on a journey and I try and guess where people might be going, mostly by trying to see if they have some exotic passport. I wonder when else we would stop and consider where someone is going.

But the sun’s setting now and our flight is about to be called. Time to go home.

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