Putting away the childish things


The Knockagh Monument

The Knockagh Monument

This weekend, I went home, to Greenisland, to see my family and also to sort through some of my old toys and other mementos. The idea was to keep them for my children- I make no further comment on that. The reason for this was because my parents are moving house in September and now’s as good a time as any to downsize, since my brothers and I are now all living away from home.

I came across a few gems. It appears terrible puns have been with me for some time:



That my fifteen-year-old self had lots of faith in short-lived acts:

wpid-img_20140807_202912.jpgAnd that I was able to keep the gun from the Transformer I got in 1987, but not the head (2nd amendment comparisons would be uncouth):




Most of the stuff dated from the Newtownards days- indeed I was only in Greenisland for 3 years before I came to University, so there wasn’t much to be had from that time anyway. 

At church on Sunday morning, everyone wanted to know two things: 

  1. How I would be voting in the Scottish Independence Referendum, and
  2. If I’d be coming back

It hadn’t really occurred to me that this was to be the last Sunday service at the church where my dad has been minister 15 years. Much has changed since 1999- new halls, assistant ministers, A/V systems and places disabled people can sit, but the core people in the congregation have been pretty much the same. This is quite comforting, but perhaps to be expected from a sleepy commuter town. Sadly, there aren’t as many young people as there used to be, though I do not know if this simply because I was home during the yawning 2 month summer holiday. I’ll be honest that I don’t know if I’ll be back or not, since my parents are moving into the centre of town and are unlikely to go back there over Christmas. I hope to, maybe one day.

I don’t have much more to say on it really (I already did so here), but after my brother drove me to the airport and the plane took off, I could see Newtownards below and I must say my heart did jump a little.

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