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How to become Prime Minister- Part One: Get Elected

So you want to be the Prime Minister? It’s good to have ambition, but the road is long… Unless you are close personal friends with her majesty and she has no qualms about causing a constitutional crisis, you’ll have to … Continue reading

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One Island, Two Teams

Rugby , hockey, and cricket have an all- Ireland team. Only the Commonwealth Games sees Northern Ireland compete on its own (and necessarily, since the Republic is not in the commonwealth), so why is football different?  In 1921, There weren’t … Continue reading

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My research

A few of you have asked me recently about the topic of my PhD thesis. I am always happy to oblige! The title was “On the Complexity of Matrix Multiplication” and it was concerned with properties of objects called Matrices … Continue reading

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Recent events brought this poem by Rudyard Kipling to my mind. It’s very Victorian stiff-upper-lip in tone, but it reminds me that opposition comes from all manner of avenues.             If If you can keep your … Continue reading

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Road to Russia

Neither a person, nor a nation, can exist without some higher idea…-Fyodor Dostoyevsky It’s been less than eight months since Mario Götze fired Germany to the summit of World football in Rio.  Since then, all the talk has been about … Continue reading

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