Word Alive

I am just back from Word Alive, and thought I’d write a few words about it to hopefully encourage you to think about maybe coming next year.

I go because I find it immensely encouraging and helpful in knowing God and growing my faith. This year, for example, there was wonderful teaching from Romans (by David Cook) and the Lord’s prayer (by various other folks). There were also a variety of other seminars including one on politics (very relevant given there’s an election around the corner), one on relationships (in a general, rather than exclusively romantic, sense), one on worry, and others on parenting. I did not attend most of these (attending the parenting ones might have been somewhat premature), but the feedback I heard on them has been pretty good.

Aside from this, it’s a great opportunity to get to know other members of the church family- I spent a lot of time with the kids and that was one of the most encouraging things about the week, that they’re taking in what’s being taught to them and applying it in their lives. They’re also great fun, though if you are averse to being cajoled in to playing inflatable games then you might want to make this clear to them early on.

It’s good to meet their parents too and learn from them, though I know that they are encouraged too by what we have to say.

There’s only one week of Word Alive next year, 2nd-7th April, which is during the school holidays in Edinburgh (Easter is very early next year, on March 27th). This will mean we need to book quite early (talk is for June). If you want to know more I will happily answer any questions, but I would strongly encourage you to at least think about it. If you’re wondering about the cost, it was £180 per person this year, but I think it’s worth every penny (and, yes, the accommodation is a bit spartan, but it’s not actually all that bad. Think of it like a caravan. A caravan where for some reason you can’t have the shower and oven on at the same time. ).

I might say more on this later on when it’s advertised.

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