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Cord Goes Nova

A star makes its heat and light by fusing together protons in its core to make heavier elements. When it makes iron, the star becomes unsustainable and collapses in on itself, eventually exploding in the form of a nova and … Continue reading

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Long Road to Ruin: 1-2 Kings

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been reading through 1-2 Kings, which is not a book we see preached on very often. There’s a lot in it, stories of war, polygamy, child sacrifice , chariots of fire, men killed … Continue reading

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Travel diaries: Germany

I love Germany. It’s probably my favourite country I’ve not lived in (and it will be so until Belgian football gets better)- I thought I’d share a few memories of times I’ve been there. I first visited Germany in 1993, … Continue reading

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Weakest Link

This was on the front of the Telegraph today…    Maybe all those people shouting “BANK!” at you over the years were misled, Anne…

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If not now…

I pass this synagogue on the way to church on Sunday mornings- the sign outside hasn’t changed since I was a student, but I thought it would be good to check out who Hillel was and I was not unrewarded. … Continue reading

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Less is More

I need someone to do a favour. It’ll not take up much of their time, but if no one does it, then everyone will suffer. So if I email lots of people, I am bound to get a positive response, … Continue reading

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