Cord Goes Nova

A star makes its heat and light by fusing together protons in its core to make heavier elements. When it makes iron, the star becomes unsustainable and collapses in on itself, eventually exploding in the form of a nova and letting the elements escape into its orbit, where they coalesce and form planets, potentially where life can form.*

Remaining in the centre is a much smaller sun giving heat and light to the planets- no longer the size it once was but much richer for it.

Those of you in my cord group will be well familiar with my tenuous analogies and this is one such- we had our first leaders’ meeting tonight and I’ll confess that discovering the number of people leaving was a bit disheartening. However, when you consider for a second what they’re going off to do, it’s incredibly encouraging to see them go off and become missionaries or parents or doctors in Africa, and using the gifts God has given them, having been discipled within Cord. 

The reason I brought up the supernova analogy was to demonstrate that actually what looks like disaster a collapse can actually be the start of something amazing. I can think of no better encouragement for the year ahead!

*if it gets too big it ends up as a black hole. There is only so far an analogy can go…

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