Prime Suspect

At work this week, one of our meeting icebreakers was “what was your favourite Christmas, birthday, or Diwali present?”.

For me it couldn’t be anything other than my Powermaster Optimus Prime that I got when I was eight- pictured here.20131225_121003.jpg

I wasn’t aware of the story behind this toy until quite recently- Optimus Prime was killed in the 1986 Transformers cartoon movie (which, while basically being a very long toy advert, still beats any of the recent terrible Michael Bay adaptions hands down).

As he was a popular character, his resurrection was kind of inevitable (if only to sell more toys), and this was the result.

It was pretty awesome- the engine turned into a man (he was called Hi-Q) and if you attached it to the front of the cab, you could then transform it into a small Optimus Prime robot, which I believe still contains the remnants of some chocolate sprinkles that I dropped in there while we were having an ice cream on the way to Granny’s house.

The idea was that you couldn’t transform it unless you put Hi-Q in it, but I wasn’t aware of this when I took it out of the box, so I ended up breaking the mechanism. I knew this as soon as it happened, but I didn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want to cause unnecessary fuss. I was more annoyed that I put the stickers on a bit squint (as you can see).

You could turn the trailer into a battle base too, but I didn’t really like this mode, and preferred to turn it into the body for the big robot instead.

Despite being nearly 25 years out of the box, he’s still in pretty good nick. His guns have mysteriously vanished since I’ve been away, but other than that and the initial breakage, he suffers from little more than a few loose joints and fading.

Let me know what your favourite was!

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