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What is APR?

  APR is a standardised way of comparing two like financial products with each other- the higher the APR, the more expensive that product will end up being for you. *stands on soapbox* Incidentally, the reason we have a standardised … Continue reading

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How Banks Work

What happens to my money after I put it in the bank? It’s a question worth answering, and I’ll attempt to do so here. Disclaimer: this is not financial advice, and you should not take it as such.* If I … Continue reading

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Summer of ’96

With the Euros coming up, I thought I’d recall some stories from championships past, both personal and football related. Here is what happened in the summer of ’96… Northern Ireland didn’t qualify: they had a great campaign, but home losses … Continue reading

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How to Resign from Parliament

  I don’t understand the Iowa caucuses. It seems an awful lot of effort to stand around in a church hall for a couple of hours to elect some delegates who will just vote for whoever they like anyway (this … Continue reading

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