Thought on Leading Small Groups

A few weeks ago one of the guys in my small group took me to one side and asked if I was doing ok. At the time I wasn’t particularly, and while he was sympathetic, he gently rebuked me for not speaking up about it and plodding through on my own.

And he was right- when you are used to leading, you can often neglect to think that you too need to be discipled and supported, and might not ask for it. Or you might be reluctant to open up to your small group, thinking that you are there to serve them, but them serving you is not its purpose.

I know I was guilty of thinking I’m there to give and not to take, however I was convicted that this could be a source of pride and that it’s important to allow your small group to show you some grace and help you out.

On the other side, I found my friend’s concern invaluable and really appreciated it- I would really encourage you to just check in with your small group leader occasionally and ask how things are going. It’s kind, and I guarantee they will be grateful.


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