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Step Up

At work, as part of the Employee Wellbeing awareness theme of the month, we have been encouraged to take part in the Global Corporate Challenge- the idea is that you sign up, get sent a pedometer, and put in the … Continue reading

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One Island, Two Teams

Rugby , hockey, and cricket have an all- Ireland team. Only the Commonwealth Games sees Northern Ireland compete on its own (and necessarily, since the Republic is not in the commonwealth), so why is football different?  In 1921, There weren’t … Continue reading

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Road to Russia

Neither a person, nor a nation, can exist without some higher idea…-Fyodor Dostoyevsky It’s been less than eight months since Mario Götze fired Germany to the summit of World football in Rio.  Since then, all the talk has been about … Continue reading

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Tempting Fate

What’s wrong with this picture (and please bear in mind that I posted this around 11AM on the day of the Cup Final!)? The eagle-eyed among you will note that the pic of the cup is wee bit rubbish and … Continue reading

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Six Nations: Italian improvement

When I looked at the Six Nations stats a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be worth having a look at how much Italy have improved since they entered the Six Nations. Below is a table with their … Continue reading

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The Six Nations: A Tale of Two Championships

You can’t really argue with a couple of months of solid world-class rugby. But while my days of propping for the CCB Medallion ‘C’ XV are over, I make do with the Six Nations, which is also great. It’s an … Continue reading

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Getting off the Mark: My First Goal

My football career prior to first year (S1 in Scotland, or year 7 in England) was minimal, and that’s being generous- I remember I’d play with the other boys during Holiday Bible Clubs and in the BB (where it was … Continue reading

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